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Technical Support and Training

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All ideCAD users who bought the program are able to contact with telephone, fax, and e-mail to technical support service during one year of period with free of charge!


User are able to attend educational seminars which goes periodacally every month.Seminar are held in Istanbul, Bursa, and authorised offices.You can click on Educational Seminars link in order to make reservation. Users who wants to take seminars in their office, payment per person is 220TL + KDV, if offices are outside of the ideCAD authorised locations, than they need to cover also transportation and accomodation fees.


There are totally 13306 messages, 2296 topics, and more than 3000 active users on ideCAD forum, which makes it one of the most popular civil engineering platform. Users are able to ask, to request, and to send their complains. In order to participate in the forum you need to buy the software. 
ideCAD Users Forum. 
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